Xplodin Toad

by Steve McGoldrick
(Memphis Tn)

xplodin toad - bass fishing

Xplodin Toad - Bass Fishing

Kelly at Kicker Fish Bait Company has come up with a Xplodin Toad that is out of this world.

It will take the place of your Buzzbait,3 1/2 inches watermelon seed with the pearl belly Floater, I have found to be the best at Pickwick Lake.

Find some grass or leaves that are all over the lake coves and hit the openings and hold on.

When I first tried them, I had a time trying to get a good hook up and went to a small trailor hook on it until I wrote Kelly and he told me that they have toad toter hook that works great. The frog will not twist or turn.

Do a slow retrive and look at the action and the sound. I have not lost a fish since.

The great thing about the frog is that you can catch six or seven big fish before the frog even looks used.

The toad comes in floaters and ones that sink slowly.

Get on line at http://www.kickerfishbaitco.com/ or call 281-470-BASS to order some of the Xplodin Toads; you will have found a great go to bait that I keep rigged up on one of my rods all the time now.

Tell Kelly that I sent you and see if you do not win a Tournament or two.

Steve McGoldrick