Steve's Thought About the Drought Conditions and Corp of Engineers:


I do not know what everyone else is thinking but I am sick and tired of hearing about the Drought situations.

Lake Lanier is about to dry up and and I have a few lakes in Mississippi that really gets my blood boiling when I hear that due to Mother Nature not giving us spring rain the lake is down and will hurt this years fishing.

Granted some of the lakes are used to help out the farmers keep their crops from drying up...but come on guys.

I talk to the Corp of Engineer guys and they say that they have to let the water levels down due to Spring flood. Hey guys wake up and smell the coffee.

We have not had spring rain in the last two years so why let what little water the lakes build up out?

I have been told that the lakes are not for the fishing people and they have to let the water out in the winter just in case we do get rain in the Spring.

For the past two years Arkabutla, Sardis, and Enid Lakes have been taken down to dangerous low levels. These guys know there is no way that the lake will refill even if we do get Spring Rain.

Why can't we let a little bit of water out if it is that full? If we do not get the spring rain; it will not hurt the lakes.

Sardis Lake this past year had thousand of Crappie die off due to poor water conditions.

Mississippi Wildlife said nothing to worry about....Sorry guys if I had a hundred die off, that is something I am very concerned about.

What everyone needs to do is stop blaming Mother Nature and put the blame on the folks pulling all the lakes down in the winter.

Someone has got to know how we can at least slow these folks down. If this happens once it could have been a mistake happens again shame on us for letting it happen.

Happens the third year in a Row, tell the kids that is why we are eating at Captain D'S and not out catching our own fish.

Keep the Hooks Wet If you still have Water