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  • Bass Fishing Spring Time Tip - Here is a tip for you: Any type of tube bait will work, but I like to use the Crawdad, because Every fishing person knows the Spring time is when Bass love Crawdads..

  • Best Bass Lake in Heaven - The pastor said to check back with him at evening service and he might have an answer for me.

  • Are You Failing To Do This Between Big Game Hunting Seasons? Where hunting for elk, bear or alligator didn’t exist ten years ago, now you see states adding or have added them to their annual hunting harvest to help keep the herds in balance

  • Understanding and applying biomechanics of golf greatly increase the distance and accuracy of golf swing and putting shots by utilizing body angles, joint forces and muscle activity patterns to send..

  • Catch Two to Three Fish at the Same Time Using Strike King Zulu Soft Jerk Bait

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  • Crappi Candle - A new product to light up the dark depths of a murky lake. Great for landing crappie, bass and catfish

  • Custom Logo Golf Balls - Have fun giving your buddies a set of golf balls imprinted with words that match their game like slicer, bunker, hooker, out of bounder, albatrosser and acer.

  • Daily News Zone - We provide news links covering the serious, strange, humor or fun stuff side of life. We know some visitors prefer to laugh instead of cuss over what's happening in the world.

  • Deer Whistle - Seeing the deer was not going to stop, I punched the gas and swerved the car to the right while trying to keep from spilling the cup of coffee and stay out of the ditch at the same time

  • Deer Whistles - My enjoyment of seeing the deer was short lived however as my drives into the city quickly turned into white knuckle stress driving

  • Find It Yourself - A source of quick links to find people in the Military, Prison, or the National Death Index. Locate ATM Machines, WI-Fi Access, U.S. Government Sites and Health info sites

  • Enjoy fishing by yourself, with family or with a group of friends. Plan a fishing mancation with your buddies to escape or book a seat on a charter boat today

  • Fishing Regulations for each state in the United States - game wardens just laugh when you say - I Did Not Know

  • When you don't have time to look everywhere for Fishing, Hunting, NASCAR, Golf, Tailgate Party Satellite Dish info

  • Free Internet Dating Sites - Do leave out the facts that you stay on the golf course all the time, disappear for days at a time during the hunting season or go fishing more than you go to work.

  • Free Stuff Page - Many Free Stuff feeds or websites to help keep money in your pockets and save you time.

  • With freshwater fishing fever, the Weather and Wildlife charts say it’s the perfect time to try again to catch the Bass Hog I miss each year. The sun will start releasing its solar energy at 5:53 AM

  • From Steve's Tackle Box - Kicker Kraw - Went to a lake about twenty minutes from the house and within 1 hour, I had Eight bass landed that any tournament fisherman would be proud to take to the scales.

  • Did I Love the Game of Golf Even After Making a Fool of Myself? Yes, there was something about competing to beat the course and my buddies that quickly became addicting.

  • Golf stretches for back which is part of the overall body conditioning required and biomechanics of golf are the two areas least discussed on the majority of golfing websites.They are actually...

  • You keep hearing golf terms used at work and at parties. The only one you recognize is the term "fore". Join the millions of golf players worldwide by learning the terms here.

  • Home inspection is a needed tool to protect your financial investment for new or existing home buying and to make sure home improvement contractors completed projects correctly. They do make mistakes

  • Home Repairs, Inspections, Home Buying - Doing your own repairs equals money in your pocket. Hopefully you got a home inspection and used the proper real estate agent for your home buying needs

  • Hunting Trucks - Similar in size to a golf cart, the mini 4 wheel drive trucks are being used for hunting, on farms, golf courses, lumber yards, zoos, and dairies.

  • Extending hunting seasons and increasing quota limits for certain animals is an option that wild life managment officials are ignoring.While restrictions are necessary to insure an adequate supply

  • Is She Cheating Signs tearing you apart and wearing you down as you look out the window wondering "Where is she at this late?" Do I find out? What if she isn't cheating and I damage our relationship?

  • Lawn Care-Landscaping - There are times when you want to asphalt the whole yard, put plastic flowers in the beds and then spend your free time in front of the big screen TV. Finally, you are...

  • Lead and Fishing - we voluntarily agree to start fishing with toxic free sinkers and jigs to help protect our children and wildlife. The tackle industry use of lead in producing small sinkers is harming our wild life

  • Fishing, Golf, Landscaping, Lawncare, NASCAR, Hunting and more. Request your reciprocal link to be added to

  • Mancation - Okay, step one of the mancation was completed by putting party and beer at the top of the list but now you need a place to go to get away. It doesn’t matter where you plan to go

  • Mancation Adventures List - You want the trip that all your buddies will remember even if some of them lock up with fear when they hear the word Go. Shark swimming, extreme skiing, tandem sky diving

  • Mole Eradication - Is your lawn now looking like a jigsaw puzzle of raised ridges? Consider the benefit of having moles on your property. What? That's not an option; I want my beautiful yard back

  • Mole Removal - Where do you start in your war to gain control of your once beautiful lawn that now resembles a battle zone of trenches multiplying across your lawn?

  • Mole Trapping and Control - Where do you start in your war to gain control of your once beautiful lawn that now resembles a battle zone of trenches multiplying across your lawn?

  • Mortgage Loan Help - Been a Victim of High Interest Rates Because of Predator Loans? Obtaining a mortgage loan help shouldn’t put you in the poor house as a victim of...

  • Out of Steve's Tackle Box - Squirmin Ringed Worm Rig - For all you worm fishing folks, I have added the best worm in the world, at least I have found it to work in almost every lake I ever fish.

  • Personal Finance - Be aware of and understand your right to use an important loan tool designed to allow you the opportunity to shop around to get the best loan rate available on the market.

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  • Real Estate Agent Selection - Buying or selling a home is one of the most major decisions a consumer will ever make in their life time. Proper Real Agent Agent Selection is Step #1... Find Out Which..

  • The sport of Saltwater Fishing allows you several ways to enjoy the sport without spending a fortune if you desire not to spend a lot of money. Don't have the experience or know how? Learn how...

  • Signs of Wife Cheating - She keeps buying new sexy panties but you only see her in granny panties. Her interest in new techniques in bed has increased. New small bruises and scratches start showing..

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  • Smartest Bass Fish Out There - As I got closer I saw a squirrel eating a hickory nut.

  • Sports Megazone - A starting place to find sports information, equipment, tickets and daily sports news here on our web site.

  • Spy gadgets allow you to get to the bottom of unanswered questions and be in control of what is going on in your busy life. Are People Including Your Wife Lying to You or Is She Cheating on You

  • Steve's Tennessee Fishing Corner - Check out Steve's Tennessee webpage to learn from a true fisherman who lives to get out on the water. You'll learn how to catch some fish and build honey holes

  • Steve's Thought About the Drought Conditions and Corp of Engineers - I do not know what everyone else is thinking but I am sick and tired of hearing about the Drought situations. Arkabutla, Sardis, and Enid Lakes

  • Quick, grab your Bug-Out bags for your family since minutes count! What, you don't have them? Load them at our Survival Store

  • Take A Kid Fishing - Take some kids fishing this summer that have never been in a Bass Boat. It can change their attitudes and they'll learn to respect nature.

  • Ways to Earn Money - If you’re here looking for a “Get Rich Quick” scheme; you are at the wrong place. Earn money starting with our favorite type of business to run from home...

  • Xplodin Toads - Find some grass or leaves that are all over the lake coves and hit the openings and hold on.