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Saltwater Fishing trends show more and more people have taken up the sport


Ready to test your saltwater fishing skills against an unpredictable adversary who will be fighting you all the way?

Don't have the experience or know how? No reason to use that as an excuse. Get the "Know How" in Man-In-A-Hurry.com's Saltwater Fishing Book Gallery

The sport of Saltwater Fishing allows you several ways to enjoy the sport without spending a fortune if you desire not to spend a lot of money. You can make a day of memories spending time with your kids surf fishing on the beach or fishing from piers extending out into the ocean in all coastal states. Or you could just get out there by yourself for some peace and relaxation.

Or Charter A Boat To Go After The Big Ones

Chartering a boat for a half day trip is better for the wife and kids otherwise it’s a good chance you will hear a lot whining just when you are getting settled in to catch the big one.

Plan a full day chartered trip as a Mancation with your buddies to go out in the true blue waters 50 to 80 miles off shore where the large Amberjack, Kingfish, Red Snapper, Grouper, Sailfish, Tuna, Wahoo and Cobia are waiting to test your strength, skill and durance to fight these big boys for hours.

Dorado and shark species such as Tiger, Sand, Bull, and Hammerhead can also be found in this range. Blue Marlin and White Marlin are usually found 70 to 100 miles off shore.

 saltwater fishing - sailfishEven if you are by yourself and wanting to do something different, get off of the couch and get out there to experience the great adventure of chartered deep sea saltwater fishing before you lockup and fall dead.

Many of us find ourselves having to go solo due to multiple reasons but we run into friendly anglers on the beaches, on the piers and on the charters designated as party boat charters where you join other saltwater anglers for the fishing trip.

Some people prefer going the private charter route where you get all of the attention. Man-in-A-Hurry doesn’t have a preference of which type of charter to enjoy. We have had a good time on both types of fishing charters.

Here's a Tip To Use While Trolling In the Ocean:

Tired of the Sharks following your boat?

Put fish blood on a biodegradable paper towel then toss it into the water.

The sharks will follow the blood scent instead of your boat.

Looking for the secret the majority of saltwater anglers have no clue about

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