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Personal Finance Issues Impact Your Life in Many Areas


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Bad Credit

Credit Counselors

Alternative Minimum Taxes

Getting Married and Taxes

Identity Theft


Personal finance is too important not to include in our website for you, a Man-In-A-Hurry.

We hope the information provided possibly saves you money, time and ways to avoid pitfalls that have a way of trapping people.

While Man-In-A-Hurry.com can’t guarantee any results or make decisions for you, we can give you information to help you be informed when you discuss business and try to hold on to your hard earned money. 


Mortgages? Can You Shop Around for a Loan?

Yes, but Only for a Set Time Frame

Man-In-A-Hurry.com mentions mortgages here as part of the Personal Finance Information to help you. We want you to be aware of and understand your right to use an important loan tool designed to allow you the opportunity to shop around to get the best loan rate available on the market.

We also want you to know about the available non profit home loan program we discuss below that could really help your personal finances.

Concerning Your Rights to Shop Around for a Home Loan; we will say this right here.

RUN and RUN fast if your mortgage loan officer tells you that your credit score will be hurt if you shop around for a home loan. Either the loan officer is scared of competition or doesn't understand the credit scoring process. The same applies for a car loan.

As long as you shop for the home or car loan in a short period of time such as a 14 day period, the multiple credit checks on your financial history will be treated as one credit check. Read more about this important money saving fact printed on page 15 of the Understanding Your Fico Score PDF document available at  http://www.myfico.com/ before starting the hunt for the best loan rate.

Man-In-A-Hurry.com is concerned about the high interest rate charged to people who have or had credit issues in the past.

Keep reading if you are interested in possibly saving $1000's of dollars.

Bad Credit? Wanting a House? Proceed With Caution

ElectronicAppraiser.com - Instant Home Valuation and Report
If your credit is not that good, proceed with caution in buying a house. Yes, mortgage companies can usually get you into a house but the high interest rate charged will make the house a burden on you instead of an enjoyment.

The high interest rate especially if it is an adjustable rate will send you to the poor house quicker than you may think. It may be better to wait until you get your credit score higher to qualify for a better interest rate.

How do you do that?


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