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Bad Credit

Credit Counselors

Alternative Minimum Taxes

Getting Married and Taxes

Identity Theft


There are two true things that will help increase your credit score:

  1. Time and starting to pay your bills on time to show that you have recovered financially.

There are no magic bullets to get your credit score higher.

Be very cautious about signing contracts for those quick fix strategies that can cost you big bucks.

 Again, have the credit repair company guarantee in writing that they can raise your credit score with the agreed upon time.

The United States federal government provides good Consumer Safety Information to help you become educated about your credit score.

Free Debt Related Quotes


Credit Counselor

However, there are credit counselors, debt management companies and How to Books out there to help educate you.

A word of advice about going the credit counselor or the debt management company route.

Find out up front how much their services will cost you and verify to what extent their plan of action will affect your credit score in a negative way.

Tell them to put it in writing exactly how your credit score will be affected and should you anticipate civil action from your creditors. Keep in mind that using a debt management company to try to reduce your debt doesn't mean that all creditors will be agreeable to negotiate in reducing your debt burden.

Instead, you'll find that some creditors will prefer to take you to court to get the full amount plus court costs.

A very important option many people with low credit scores or bad credit do not know about may be good loan source for you. There is an organization out there who truly want to help and they are not out to make a profit on you.

Unadvertised Non-Profit Home Loan Source May Be What You Need

Man-In-A-Hurry.com wants to tell you about a national non profit group who do not advertise their unique program.

Their program is designed to help you rebuild your credit by teaching you to be financially responsible while working with you to create a plan to pay down your debts. After successfully completing the financial part of the plan, the non profit organization helps you with the down payment and closing cost on a house plus the bonus part of the plan is the low interest rate for your home loan.

If you want the chance to start over, be treated with respect and not be taken advantage of by being offered a predatory high interest rate, Man-In-A-Hurry.com has given you one of the best kept secrets out there for the working man. Find Out More to Help Your Personal Finances...



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