Out of Steve's Tackle Box - Squirmin Ringed Worm Rig


squirmin ringed worm rig

Squirmin Ringed Worm Rig

For all you worm fishing folks, I have added the best worm in the world, at least I have found it to work in almost every lake I ever fish.

Can't explain Why... all I know that the fish love it and if it aint broke don't fix it.

It is the Bass Pro Squirmin Ringed Worm Salt Impegnated 7" Junebug color.

I rig it up using either a bullet weight and a 3 or 4 wide gape hook. You can see also see in the picture.

In the colder months, I like to swap out the bullet weight with a finishing nail, that way the worm will not shoot pass the bass on the way to the bottom.

Instead you get a slow fall leaving the bait in the strike zone a little longer maybe long enough to get that big bite.

You an cut the nail to get the right weight to make that slow fall, I hardly ever use the whole nail.

Run it through the head just as you were putting the hook on and then run the hook beside the nail.

See if this don't get you hooked up with a hawg.

Keep the hooks wet