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Mole Removal War

mole hill and moleBefore starting your war to gain control of your once beautiful lawn that now resembles a battle zone of trenches quickly multiplying across your lawn, consider the benefit of having moles on your property.

  • If you are going “Green” and eliminating the use of chemicals on your lawn, moles can help reduce the amount of grubworms and cutworms that love to eat your backyard plants. Being carnivorous for the most part, a single mole can consume over a hundred grubworms and cutworms a day. 

Moles also eat earthworms, ant pupae, spiders, beetles, wireworms and centipedes. Moles will eat some plant material which may include grains of newly planted corn but very little if their favorite carnivorous meals are available. Most plant material destroyed in food crop gardens and in flower gardens is actually eaten by the mice that use the tunnels created by the mole.

  • Moles are a natural aerator and mixer of soil. 
  • The extensive network of tunnels keep the soil turned allowing water to seep deeper into the ground instead of evaporating on the surface. 

With that said about the benefits of having moles running wild in your lawn area, you have to decide the following:

  • You can live with the moles disfiguring your lawn surfaces 
  • You don’t mind stomping down the mole hills and tunnels on what seems like a daily basis when the moles are active. 
  • You don’t mind the mice using the tunnels to get access to your garden crops or bulbs in your flower gardens 

lawn damage moleOne option to co-exist with the mole or moles and keep your blood pressure down at the same time would be to create a more natural setting for your lawn area that would hide the tunneling and mole hills. A more natural setting would include allowing the grass to grow taller to hide the mole hills. This would require you to cut your taller grass with a weed eater to keep the blades of a mower from hitting the numerous mounds of now hard dirt.

"What? Forget about that option! Code enforcement will fine me for having the grass too tall. Most importantly, I want my beautiful yard back with a lawn area full of beautiful undisturbed grass!"

Sounds like you are ready to proceed with attempting the very difficult task of mole Removal.

Before we look at your options; do you even know what moles look like or how many moles may be in your yard at a given time?


What do Moles Look Like? Can They See?

pig snout moleThey are some ugly furry little buggers as the pictures show. If you look at the hands, note the short front feet that face palm out to allow the mole to move dirt with those long claws in a swimming motion. 

Depending on what type of mole is in your area, you will find them with a pig-like or a star-like snout and with eyes and ears almost indistinguishable.

mole eradication star snout moleAn acute sense of smell, hearing and touch more than make up for the mole’s inability to actually see things with eyes that can only tell the difference between light and dark.

While most of their life is spent underground, moles will come out at night to find material to make a nest underground or when it’s time for the young to leave to set up their own home which is usually about 30 feet away from their old home.


How Many Moles Will Typically Be In My Lawn Area? Read More Here





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