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The Cheap or Freebie Methods:



One cheap organic method consists of embedding a deep flower pot, deep plastic pail, or a deep coffee can in one of the main tunnels of the animal, and carefully replacing the soil above. You may have to put a small piece of wood over the top of the smooth tunnel to be able to recover the tunnel. The mole in traversing his burrow falls into the pit and is effectually captured.

How Do You Know Which Tunnel to Use to Set the Trap?

You have to find the main tunnels that run from the nest to the feeding areas. Spend time the day before you plan to set the trap to locate the main tunnels. Use your foot or shovel to push down all of the noticeable runs in the lawn area to help determine the actual main tunnels. The next day you will see where the moles have repaired and raised the tunnels again to get to the feeding areas. The mole hills are not the main tunnels.

The ordinary mole hills present nothing particularly worthy of notice. They are merely the shafts through which the mole ejects the material which it has scooped out, as it drives its many tunnels through the soil, and if they are carefully opened after the rain has consolidated the heap of loose material, nothing more will be discovered than a simple hole leading into the tunnel. You can sometimes see from above ground which way the tunnels go by looking for the raised grass covering the top side of the tunnel.

Where Are The Main Tunnels Going?

They lead to the real abode of the animal, the nesting den.

The hill under which this domicile is hidden, is of considerable size, but is not very conspicuous, being always placed under the shelter of a tree, bolder, shrub, or a suitable bank, and would scarcely be discovered but by a practiced eye. The subterranean abode will resemble a remarkable maze of tunnels.

The central apartment, or "keep," if we so term it, is a nearly spherical chamber, the roof of which is almost on a level with the earth around the hill, and therefore situated at a considerable depth from the apex of the heap.

Around this keep are driven two circular passages or galleries, one just level with the ceiling and the other at some height above. Five short descending passages connect the galleries with each other, but the only entrance into the keep is from the upper gallery, out of which three passages lead into the ceiling of the keep.

It will be seen that when the mole enters the house from one of its tunnels, it has first to get into the lower gallery to ascend thence into the upper gallery, and so descend into the central chamber.

There is, however, another entrance into the keep from below. A passage dips downward from the centre of the chamber, and then, taking a curve upwards, opens into one of the larger burrows or high roads, as they may be fitly termed. It is a noteworthy fact that the high roads, of which there are several radiating in different directions, never open into the gallery opposite one of the entrances into the upper gallery.

The mole therefore is obliged to go to the right or left as soon as it enters the domicile before it can find a passage to the upper gallery.

By tracking a tunnel back to the main adobe and placing your freebie trap or a purchased trap, you will increase your odds of getting all of the voracious little boogers tearing up your lawn.

The Water Method:

People have had some success drowning moles as a way to get rid of them. Using a five gallon bucket of water instead of a water hose to fill the mole hole puts more water down in the hole. Be cautious about using water as you may flood your basement or other area of your house without realizing what is taking place while you are outside trying to win the battle.

The Shooting Method:

While it has worked for some landowners in rural areas that had time and skill to kill the mole; it should never be used in urban settings due to possibly hurting someone and the fact discharging firearms is illegal in most cities if not all cities.

The Sharp Shovel or Pitchfork Method:

Have plenty of time on your hands as you wait patiently for the mole to start moving in the main tunnels. You will see the dirt and grass on top of the run moving as the mole gets to work. Quickly run over there and use the shovel or pitchfork to kill the mole. This method will work if you are patient enough or have enough beer to keep you sitting there.

The Sound Method Using a Shovel:

This is another method where you need to have plenty of time on your hands as you wait patiently for the mole to start moving in the main tunnels.

You will see the dirt and grass on top of the run moving as the mole gets to work. Quickly run over there and use the shovel to strike the ground hard next to where the mole is located.

With moles being super sensitive to sound, the loud noise is supposed to kill them. Don’t hold your breath on this method as moles have become accustomed to the sounds of lawn mowers, weedeaters and the expensive mole chaser noise makers.

Good Luck Winning the highly difficult Mole Eradication Battle!

Keep in mind that moles are very active only a few times a year. It doesn't mean you won the battle just because you don't see them right now.







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