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How Many Moles Will Typically Be In My Lawn Area?

There is usually only one mole doing all that damage to your lawn and the rest of the family is feasting in your neighbors’ lawn areas. 

Moles usually spend the majority of their life alone without any contact with other moles with three exceptions: During the times below you could definitely have more than one mole to battle.

  • Male moles do seek out and visit a single female mole or several female moles. 
  • Females typically have four babies each year in April or May. They will stay with their mother in the deep underground nest for about five weeks. At three months olds, the offspring are almost as big as their parents and begin for the most part living a solitary life. 
  • Your lawn area is so big that the new additions to the mole family did not have to move out of your yard to be far enough away from other moles to set up their own home. 


What are Your Options:

  • Staying “Green” and sharing your lawn with the moles 
  • Using a pesticide such as Spectracide's "Traizicide" applied to your lawn area based on product recommendations will eventually eliminate their meal source of grubs and other insects. It is not a quick solution to the immediate problem but you have to eliminate the grubs in the long run to make your lawn less appetizing to the moles. The down side to this chemical option is eliminating beneficial insects from your lawn such as earthworms. However, this pesticide kills fleas, ticks, spiders and many other types of insects. 
  • There are traps on the market to actually trap the moles. Choker and spear traps are the two most common types. Don't want to spend money on a trap or deal with the dangerous aspects of actually setting the tension loaded traps: See the free ways below. 
  • Another product on the market is designed to be connected to your car's tail pipe then to a water hose. The device will send carbon monoxide silently into the mole's burrows to kill the pesky damaging rascals. While their natural survival skills and acute touch make many moles immediately wary of the traps, chemicals and other products used; like humans they are not aware of the carbon monoxide until it is too late to escape. Note: Don't try to just hook a hose to your exhaust without using the device designed to work without hurting your vehicle. Follow the supplier's recommendation. 
  • People swear mole chaser devices that make noise, putting spearmint gum down in the holes, using cayenne pepper mixed with dishwashing soap, using castor oil or placing crushed glass down in the holes will work to get rid of the moles by making them run away or kill them. Keep in mind the glass method could injure you or your children if one of you are digging in the area in the future and forget about the glass pieces. Your pets could also cut their feet if they start digging for the moles that didn’t eat the glass. 

"What else can I use for mole eradication besides chemicals, purchased traps, broken glass or the carbon monoxide methods?"


What About Cheap or Freebie Methods? Find Out Here




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