Mancation - A vacation for men to get together for some fun, rest and relaxation




Select-A-Ticket It's Time to Have Some Fun and Get Off of the Sidelines!

Okay, step one of the mancation was completed by putting party and beer at the top of the list but now you need a place to go to get away. It doesn’t matter where you plan to go.

The trip can be close to home at a low cost or a big adventure thousands of miles away. Planning a good time to enjoy your friendships, forget about the day to day stress and rejuvenate your spirit is what is important.

It doesn’t matter if you plan the escape from reality with one or two friends or a larger group of male friends. It is the quality of friends that counts not the number of friends.

Now that your list of friends is completed; you can go the cheap route for a mancation or plan a once in a lifetime adventure.

Plan a Low Cost Mancation

mancation river canoe tripPlanning a low cost mancation can be as simple as getting away for the weekend.

Take a canoe or kayak trip down the rapids or a slow moving river in your area.

Camp out at your favorite fishing spot to shoot the bull and land the big one or plan a quick trip to the golf course in the next town.

Any time spent having fun is time well spent in the battle to keep you charged up and on top of your game during the work week.

"You Want the Big Adventure Trip?" - Keep Going

CheapOstay - 4 Star Hotel Under $99 120x90The low cost trips are great but you want the mother of all trips since you are the one making the plans.

You know your buddies will slam you if the trips don’t measure up to being big adventures. Are you ready to create the list of adventure mancations to present the possibilities to your male friends?


A great adventure to start your list off with would be a 4 or 7 day Baja Off Road Racing adventure. You can race your buddies over mountains, shoot through the mountain passes down into the canyons, take on the rivers flowing past the bottom edge of the window opening on your racing vehicle and then climb up miles of forest terrain laden with old timber.

See who will get to the bragging rights as the winner and who gets the bragging rights for the “I almost killed myself maneuver”.



Another Great Trip Idea to Consider Would Be Fun, Sun and Girls in the Caribbean. Take Advantage of the Cheap Deals Offered!

Plan a Cheap Caribbean Trip with Your Friends.

Remember, Time Won't Stop for You and the Years Go By Fast.

Do Some Living Now!



Check out the rest of's mancation adventure list.

Enjoy your friends and the good memories made with them.


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