Mancation Adventures List


Select-A-TicketThe adventures listed below should have them saying “Let’s Go”.

You’ll definitely see who is up for some true adventure or who locks up with fear if you select swimming with the sharks, heli-sking or tandem sky diving. included vacations on its' mancation adventures list that will leave you and your buddies with life long memories of fun times and some heart stopping yet thrilling times.


Power Mancations:

•Take a 4 or 7 day Baja Off Road Racing Mancation where you are in the driver’s seat going over mountains, racing in canyons, through rivers and climbing up miles of forest of old timber. See who will get to the bragging rights as the winner and who gets the bragging rights for the “I almost killed myself maneuver”.

•Plan a MOAB 4x4 Tomcar Safari in Utah.

•Race your friends in a real Nascar Nextel race car

•See how fast you can do a quarter mile in a real drag race against your buddies

•Oh, you want to drive formula race cars . Get ready to earn the bragging rights.

•Check out the 2008 nascar schedule to plan a trip to watch the races anywhere. With tracks all over the country including Florida, Las Vegas or California, you can find plenty of things to do in between the races.

Thrill Seeker Mancations:

•Climb aboard the specially designed airplane in Las Vegas or at the Kennedy Space Center to experience zero gravity

•Choose Las Vegas based Thrill Seekers Unlimited’s 5 Day Ultimate Extreme or the 5 Day Stunt Experience packages. They also have 1 day, 2 day and weekend warrior thrill packages.

CheapOstay - 4 Star Hotel Under $99 120x90The 5 Day Ultimate Extreme includes Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, Indoor Skydiving Simulator, Indoor Skydiving Simulator, Paint Ball, Rock Climbing / Rappelling, Snowboarding (Winter), Mountainboarding (Summer), Glider Plane Soaring, Tandem Freefall Skydive.

The 5 Day Stunt Experience includes High Falls, Stunt Fighting, Mini Tramps, Ratchets, Bungee Jumping, Slide for Life (Zip Lines), Heavy Weapons, Stunt Driving, and Fire Burns

•Book a Swim with the Sharks to See Who Chickens Out First When the Great Whites Come to the Surface

Mancation Adventures List - Sierra Trading Post

•Take Your Chances with Heli-Sking in Alaska or Heli-Sking in the Himalayas .

Once the helicopter drops you off; it is downhill all the way.


•Climb aboard the Snowcat to do some true powder sking in places where others don’t ski in Canada

•Try a combo whitewater rafting / tandem skydiving in Maine.

•Experience life underwater in a submarine in Hawaii , British Virgin Islands or the Canary Islands

Other Cool Fun Filled Mancations:

•Plan a week golfing trip to the Bahamas or Aruba that includes some beach time to find some more fun (girls), an outing to do some deep sea fishing and an evening of casino action.

•Experience life as a cowboy for a week


•Go for the Deep Sea Fishing, Shooting and Golf Package in Georgia

•Shoot the whitewater rapids in Colorado and do some back country hiking

•Survive the Canadian Wilderness

•Plan a "Dudes in the Desert" mancation Texas style

•Take the trip of a lifetime fishing the Amazon - Watch out for the anacondas

•Step into the rivers to do some Alaska Flyfishing

•Hike the active volcanoes in Iceland

Want a Different Kind of Hotel?

Try these unusal hotels:

•Stay in the Tree Top Lodge in the Amazon Jungle

•Book a room in the Ice Hotel in Quebec this winter


Your friends can’t say you didn’t find some great adventure for them to experience.

Go have the time of your life. You guys deserve it!


Disclaimer: Man-In-A-Hurry is not responsible for the actions or injuries of others in pursuit of having fun on their mancation or the actions of the companies listed. The mancation adventure list links are provided for information only. Use diligence in deciding to do business with the companies listed.

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