Lawn Care-Landscaping


There are times the hard work has its rewards when the job is done but there are moments when you want to blacktop the whole yard, put plastic flowers in the beds and then spend your free time in front of the big screen TV.

Your Lawn Care-Landscaping efforts for the last four months are finally bearing fruit you decide while walking barefoot across the thick healthy grass

The mole eradication completed in early April prevented the pesky moles from helping to destroy your lawn like they did the year before as you watched in amazement as the small raised ridges zig zagging across your yard actually moved when the moles were busy expanding the underground tunnels.

Looking around, you see the grass is green but you do see a few yellow spots in the sunny part of the yard that may need corn meal applied due to the large amount of rain last month.

At least you hope that is the problem and not some bug infestation like chinch bugs taking place. A simple test of taking a coffee can open on both ends and twisting one end into the ground then filling it to the top with water give you the answer. After ten minutes, you'll see the little bugs coming to the top trying to escape the water.

Still, you’re happy the weeds are few; the flowers are blooming and the two new trees along with the new row of hedges and miniature crepe myrtles are still alive. It’s a beautiful morning to be walking barefoot in the thick grass and feel the grass tickle your bare feet. Ouch, what the….

You just met your new neighbors, Fire Ants. They welcome you to their new home, your yard, by several of them stinging the crap out of your bare foot. How did you miss them?

With your bare foot smarting from the bites, you abandon the lawn area for the driveway. You had spent the fall and winter developing your battle plan to have the best looking yard on the block this year never once thinking about fire ants invading your lawn area.

Armed with a “How to Manual” for the perfect lawn and information on lawn care products, you spent many hours laying out the plan. Taking the maintenance requirements and plant configuration/placement into consideration along with the zone growing designation for your area of the country, you ordered the trees, hedges and plants on line to save time and money.


Pat yourself on the back! The battle plan is paying off. You'll get those fire ants!

The decision to apply pre emergent weed control in mid September for winter weeds and again in mid March for summer weeds are doing a great job.

lawn care-landscaping reel mower - go green icon


The new lawn care equipment bought despite the objections from your wife that you just wanted new toys to play with outside are doing a great job.

The performance of the new reel mower because you wanted to go "Green" has really surprised you. What she doesn't know, you already have your eye on the new rechargeable lawn mowers on the market.
Still feeling the stings from the fire ants, you now remember seeing the new rows of fire ant killer products on the store shelves that were not there in the past. Past articles about the fire ant march across the country didn’t register on your radar because they were in the next state at the time. You know they have quietly arrived as you look down at the welts on your feet.

It’s time to check's on line lawn care section to reclaim your yard from the ants.

Don’t forget about the small brown spots starting to appear in your lawn. If the corn meal doesn't work on the brown spots, you could have chinch bugs eating the grass roots of the St. Augustine grass in addition to the fire ants stinging you.

Saying a few choice words, you wonder what price asphalt is going for these days. feels your pain but keep going with your Lawn Care-Landscaping efforts. You're doing a great job and your wife is proud of you for trying. She might even let you stay around for a few more years.

The next door neighbor waves as he heads out to play golf while you look over at his Rockspace groundcover.

The thought of doing a landscape design like that in the backyard with a water fall as the center piece begins to take shape in your mind to torment you until the new plan and work is completed.

Now, where is that magazine with that cool looking picture.