Is She Cheating

  • Am I Seeing Signs of Wife Cheating?
  • Is My Girlfriend Cheating?
  • Where is She at Right Now?
  • Who is She Whispering to on the Phone in the Next Room?
  • Who is She Chatting With On-Line Late at Night?
  • Who Is That New Email Address Sending Her So Many Emails?
Is She CheatingAre signs of your wife cheating and the kind of questions above tearing you apart and wearing you down as you look out the window wondering "Where is she at this late?" 

You'll stop yourself from grilling her when she walks in because you know asking her could be opening the door to the beginning of the end of your relationship and you might not like the answer.

You’ve seen the Top 25 Signs of Wife Cheating and you know there is a strong possibility that she is having an affair, but you are not sure and don't want to lose your chance at happiness.

Man-In-A-Hurry knows you have had enough of wondering if is she cheating and want peace. Not only is the stress of not being sure about your possible unfaithful wife or girlfriend affecting your relationship at home; your job is being impacted by the stress as well.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Do you take the chance on hurting what she may think has been a happy relationship? What if she hasn’t been doing anything except what's been playing in your mind? Or do you allow your gut feeling to keep pushing you forward to where you finally ask her outright if she cheating?

Then, you may have these three new questions to keep you in misery in addition to the signs of wife cheating. Is she lying to you, is she going to leave you or will she have an affair now because she doesn’t think you trust her?

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Welcome to the world of relationships.

So, you decided not to confront her until you get the proof you need to end the relationship where the outcome in court could be in your favor.


Do You Hire a Detective or Do You Play Detective Yourself?

Hey, That Is My Best Friend - Is She CheatingWhile is not advocating or responsible for which action you take in your relationship or how accurate the signs of wife cheating turn out to be, we do want to tell you what tools exist out there for you to get the answers you deserve to know.

In this day and time, your life may depend on knowing exactly what is going on with the love of your life as you analyze the signs of wife cheating.

Best case scenario is that she is being either the good wife or girlfriend and you can put your worries behind you.

Is She Cheating $1,000,000 Reasons To Make It Look Like An Accident



Worst case scenario is that she is having an affair.

The positive side of that negative situation is you will know what is going on and be in a position to make plans to try to save your relationship or get the heck out of there while you are still alive and find a woman who deserves you.

While it may be easier to hire a private detective, it will cost a pretty penny for you to get the answers to make some hard decisions. Many people are now doing the ground work themselves.

Review and evaluate the signs of wife cheating again; then make your decision to move forward.



"There Are Several Options You Can Use to Get the Answers"


Need it? SpyAssociates has it!


•  There is software available to put on the home computer which will copy every email sent from that computer and send them to your computer. It will let you know EXACTLY what your employees or family members are doing on the Internet, even if you are thousands of miles away.

Install and Walk Away
Install on the computer you wish to monitor and walk away. It’s that simple! The software will immediately go to work by automatically recording EVERYTHING your wife or girlfriend, children and employees do online, including:

  • Emails Sent and Received
  • Both Sides of Chats and Instant Messages
  • Keystrokes Typed
  • Files Uploaded/Downloaded
  • User Activity
  • Web Sites Visited
  • Online Searches
  • MySpace Activity
  • Program Activity
  • and a whole lot more…

The beauty of the monitoring software on the market is that the recorded emails, chats, instant messages, web sites visited and keystrokes typed will automatically be sent to your own email address at a specified time. Additionally, within seconds of them sending or receiving an email, you will receive your own copy of that email. Who Is In Control Now? 

• Perform a semen test on her clothes/panties to check for infidelity

• There is also Keystroke logger (PS2) software that plugs in between your keyboard and computer and records all keystrokes including passwords and special characters. All information is memorized on the internal 2MB memory. Stores 12 months of keystroke data in typical use situations. Ideal for monitoring childrens’ internet activity and useful for computer coders. Move it from computer to computer.

• Add a hidden voice recorder to the land phone line. One guy did this only to find out about the meeting at the supermarket parking lot.

• Put a cube clock radio camera in several places in the house. Works great as a nanny cam too!

• Install a hidden in sight color video camera in the house especially if you travel for a living

• Install a Real-Time GPS tracker in her car that allows you to know exactly where she is via your cell phone or computer. Actually a good tool to keep up with those teenage drivers too!

Give her a new smart cell phone as a present ( sweet) that you have discreetly loaded with software that will record an array of phone activities including text messages and call activities. It will then silently upload the data to your private Mobile Spy account which you can check online without needing access to the phone.

Hopefully your gut feeling was no more than a stomach ache and the signs of a wife cheating were just in your head.

If she passes every test, be sure and surprise her with flowers, a gift or that big diamond ring. You’ve got yourself a good woman that you almost lost by jumping too fast.

Disclaimer: provides this information as entertainment only. We assume no responsibility or liability for any and all actions taken by those who use this information

Top 25 Signs of Wife Cheating