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Hunting, a way of life for some 18 million Americans, is a needed option



Hunting is a needed tool to help control our growing wildlife population while at the same time providing food to individuals, families and even to the homeless and hungry by providing meat to food banks and shelters.

Join a great group of individuals who love nature as much if not more than the next man.

You may be a beginner but do the homework that is required and you'll do just fine helping to control the wildlife population in addition to putting food on the table.


Should the Hunting Seasons be Extended?

deer huntingExtending hunting seasons and increasing quota limits for certain animals is an option that wild life managment officials are ignoring to help control the overpopulation problem becoming evident especially with the whitetail deer species.

While restrictions are necessary to insure an adequate supply of wildlife, the current harvest restrictions on whitetail deer are fueling the deer overpopulation problem.

Limiting the amount of deer, especially the does, that are harvested each year and by not extending the season has allowed the whitetail deer population to grow to an estimated 20 to 30 million deer across the United States.

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By not properly culling the does, the deer population will keep expanding because bucks do not limit themselves to one doe during the annual rutting period. Of course the bucks like the 8:1 ratio, they get to mate with plenty of does without having to fight other bucks for the rights to her.

Whitetail Deer Destroying Future Forest?

deer destroying forest floorAreas with deer overpopulation are increasingly seeing the devastation by too many deer in one area.

The hungry over supply of deer are devouring the small plants and trees on the floors of forest and removing growth up to five feet from bushes in areas nationwide.

Forest will not be able to regenerate in the future as old trees die and other small animal species that depend on the low growth bushes for food and shelter are being impacted by the deer overgrazing of available land.

The large amounts of deer are also causing millions of dollars of damage to crops as well as damage to plant material and trees around homes in urban settings. Areas with too many deer will also see a rise in the number of people contracting Lyme disease from deer ticks that will find their ways into the yards and home of urban America.

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Deer Hunters Are Getting the Shaft

Deer hunters are getting the shaft by the wildlife management programs. They are charged high hunting fees for license and tags that fill the coffers of wildlife managment programs to a tune of over one billion dollars a year.

The limited harvest season and low limits on doe culling should be expanded to use hunters to get the deer population under control. Instead, they are left out as a solution while wildlife management officials and cities hire sharp shooters to thin out deer populations.

Our elected officials and wildlife management staff are using more of your tax dollars instead of using the hunters who have paid for the right to hunt. These current restrictions are a slap in the the face of the ones who pay the money in the first place to help maintain the wildlife programs and a detriment to stabilizing the deer population.

Should Predators be Used to Control Deer?

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