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Should Predators be Used to Control Deer?

wolf kills deerDeer birth control programs and options to allow more predators of deer like wolves, cougars, and mountain lions back into areas are being tried or considered.

There is nothing wrong with using predators of deer where possible but not in areas near cities where human contact can mean more attacks on humans by the predators.

While some people may think it okay for a cougar to be sitting on your car to wait for you as his breakfast, control and monitoring of these predators is mandatory. 

Wolves who are a very important part of the ecological balance can't just have free range as some would love to see take place.

Why Is That? Their DNA for the majority of wolves tell them to look at humans as food especially in years of food shortages. Are wolves known to snatch kids from their back yards? Will wolves look at you as dinner? In a heartbeat but again survival at all cost is in their DNA, see info on wolf attacks.  

This doesn't mean predators of deer shouldn't be re-introduced. It means stay alert and don't leave your children unattended especially in back yards that back up to woods. Don't leave yourself unarmed in areas known to have predator animals stalking deer.

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We hope you don't find yourself in an area where federal and state laws don't allow you to protect yourself with a gun when hiking in the wilderness. Write your senators and congressional representative to demand your right to protect yourself when in the woods. Why should humans be allowed to be mauled when trying to enjoy the wilderness? A recent nature show did a show about a guy who was out fishing. He was attacked by a grisly bear and the guy is now blind for life due to the severity of the attack.  

When it gets down to the nuts and bolts of the deer overpopulation issue, most studies show sharp shooting and hunting as the two best tools to solve the issue especially in areas near cities.

Man-In-A-Hurry sides with the hunter as the choice to use to address the issue. After all, they are paying for the rights so use them as the front line of defense

Whether you are an upland-game, waterfowl, big-game or pest(varmint) hunter, you should be vocal to demand the changes needed to be fairer to the ones paying the bills, the hunters through fees and taxes.

Man-In-A-Hurry Advocates Fair Chase Hunting Only

Man-In-A-Hurry agrees with many who feel fair chase hunting should be the only type of hunting allowed. How can killing pen raised or captive birds and animals be considered a fair hunt?

Canned hunting is like the fast food version where you go to a place where you walk up, aim and fire then go home. There is no true skill required to take out a dazed bird coming out of a cage or a mammal thinking you are coming to feed them.

The challenge of scouting and tracking of the game for food takes skill. Do not take the fast food approach some are taking today.



So grab your gear, load up your 4 wheel drive mini hunting truck and get out there. You also get the opportunity to be out in nature. What more can you ask for in a sport?


Nutria - What Is That? 

Don’t forget to do your part to help Louisiana with the overpopulation of nutria. Louisiana's nutria population released into the wild by farmers and by a hurricane damaging cages in the 1940's is estimated to have grown to 20 to 30 million animals.

nutria eating plantsThe vermin with two yellow buck teeth that looks like a cross between a rat and a beaver is destroying the coastal marshlands at an alarming rate.

You wouldn't think a pest weighing an average of 16 pounds at maturity could create a disaster of this magnitude. Their voaracious appetite for the roots of plants is causing the now unprotected soil on the banks of the marshlands to wash away into the water.

The soil turning to silt is impacting the water ways in such a way that marine life is dying from the negative consequences of nutria overpopulation.


Not only do you get some great target practice while helping to keep the nutria from migrating to your state (yes, they are coming), the federal government through multi million dollar state operated nutria control programs like the one in Louisiana offer a bounty of $5.00 per nutria tail turned into collection centers.

nutria ecological damage to marshThe nutria control programs are conducted during certain periods of the year to entice hunters and trappers to remove an average of 400,000 nutria a year. The nutria are a serious threat to maintaining the ecological balance along the coastline.

Nutria are causing severe ecological damage in Louisiana, Mississippi, Maryland, Washington, Texas, California, Oregon, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, Utah, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Delaware, and Virginia.

nutria swimming in waterThey are located in other states as well but the states listed were impacted the most by nutria farmers releasing their stock into the wild when fur prices and demand dropped or by wildlife management officials in many of these states mistakenly using them to control weed growth in their states.

These days nutria orginally from South America are considered invasive species and are designated to be destroyed when captured.


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