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Home Repairs, Home Inspections, Home Buying


home repairsDoing your own repairs can mean keeping money in your pocket. Yes, you can do your own repairs with the right information.

Home repair will always be on your agenda of things to do whether you have been a homeowner for years or just recently purchased your home.

If you are a new homeowner, Man-In-A-Hurry hopes you used a home inspector that worked only for you and the right kind of real estate agent was used to complete the purchase. Well, hopefully you did your homework. Use the two links above to learn more on how to protect your investment. 

No home remains free from home repairs even though we all wish the problems would fix themselves.

Sooner or later, you will be facing the issues listed below but you are not worried because you’ve purchased your How To Manuals, tools needed, and located the repair parts for the home repair needed.

  • Caulking around doors, windows, and siding should be replaced before it gets to the point of allowing water into places hidden from you until the damage to the walls and flooring systems becomes visible. Hopefully, the structure system damage remains minor and does not allow the deadly type of mold to grow in the area damaged by water.


  • The exterior of the house will need to be painted for esthetic reasons but more importantly as a protective coating against rain. Interior painting is more for esthetics and home value.


  • Roofing will need to be replaced. Caution is needed when making the decision to put new shingles over existing shingles. Many local code enforcement agencies do not allow more than two layers of shingles on a roof due to the roofing structures (rafters) not being designed to handle the extra weight of the shingles. In addition, too many layers of shingles will not allow heat from the sun to transfer properly from the roof which can reduce the life of the new shingles.


  • Plumbing repairs will be needed. Water leaks from pipes and water leaking around the bottom of the commodes should be handled promptly to minimize the chance of debilitating and deadly mold growth in your home. It can happen and happen rather quickly. A million dollar home in Texas was rendered inhabitable and torn down due to deadly mold contamination that started with a small leak on the ice machine. Get off the couch and fix any water related home repairs right away because your insurance company will fight you all the way on your claim. Are you insured against mold damage?


  • Minor home repairs involving door locks, cabinets, appliances, and electrical switches can and will happen. A word of caution is needed on trying to do garage door repairs. The springs are under tension and can hurt you very seriously if you fail to do everything properly when making repairs.


  • Air conditioning systems will need to be inspected at the beginning of the summer and winter seasons with the recommended services performed. Pay a controlled amount now or pay the big bucks later for ignoring this important house component.


  • Concrete will need to be repaired or replaced. Cracks ignored will only get bigger when water freezes in the cracks and the ice expands making the cracks wider.


  • Swimming pools will need maintenance performed periodically.

Don’t worry! You’ll Do...

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