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Don’t worry! You’ll Do Great Making the Minor Home Repairs

You will gain confidence to do bigger home improvement projects. A word of advice is needed here if your confidence and know how grows to where you are planning on adding a room yourself. You will need to pull the proper building permits to avoid possible problems in the future when you go to sell your home.

Important Home Buyer Purchasing Tips

If you are planning to buy another home in the future; your agent, home inspector and especially you need to pay attention when the seller or their agent is showcasing the bonus room as an extra bedroom or if they say a room addition has been added to the house as part of their marketing efforts.

A bonus room can only be called a true bedroom if it has a window and closet. Certain types of federally insured loans will require the appraiser to verify a room meets the definition of bedroom. What if you advertise to sell the house later as a 4 bedroom house only to find out the buyer's loan was halted due to the bedroom definition?

Verify the addition to the house was built to code requirements and all of the proper permits were pulled. What if you try to sell the house later and the buyer asks for you to prove the room addition was built to code and proper permits were pulled?

Either way, you lose by having to spend big bucks to prove the room was built to code and you lose even more if the room was not built to code. It could cost you thousands of dollars to bring the room up to code? Be very careful with homes that have rooms added on after the house was built.

Man-In-A-Hurry.com hopes you found these tips informative and ones that would not have crossed your mind when out looking at houses. We want to help visitors to our site be informed home owners and buyers.

Home Improvement Referral Services

You might be a true Man-In-A-Hurry who picks up the phone and says get it done but all home owners should do their homework before hiring someone to make repairs to their homes.

Use Home Improvement Referral Services to get qualified and licensed contractors. Allowing unlicensed contractors onto your property to save a buck could cost you a thousands times over what you tried to save if things go wrong and we all know things love to go wrong in life.

Man-In-A-Hurry.com recommends creating or purchasing a Home Repair Planner to help you remember when and what needs to be completed.

Design or set up the planner to spread the cost of maintaining your home over the entire year to help you with your monthly budget.



Enjoy your home and have faith in yourself, you can do most of these home repairs yourself with a little know how and a whole lot of patience.

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