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Home Inspection

You’ve found the house you love and want to buy it right now without hesitation... STOP!... You Need a Diligent Home Inspection…Learn Why…

A Home Inspection is a needed tool to protect your large financial investment in the potential new home.

The answer is a big “YES”. I know you’ve found the house you love and want to buy it right now without hesitation. The search has been a long and arduous task that has occupied all of your free time.

You have survived the gauntlet and are now smiling because you fell in love with the perfect house. The seller has accepted your offer and you are ready to close the deal.

"STOP" smiling and dampen your enthusiasm for the moment.

Treat this as a major business transaction and Don’t Fall in Love with the perfect home until you have ordered and completed the needed home inspection which is one of the most important parts of the home buying process.

If you can’t afford to pay for the inspection, you should not be buying a house at this time unless you are buying a home through a special home program which will pay for the inspection. It is that important to you, the buyer.

While getting a home inspection is usually a voluntary process for the home buyer, it should be a mandatory requirement on your Must Do List in your pursuit for the perfect home.

Unless you are a specialist in many trades, you need that trained inspector to find the faults that you are missing because you are not knowledgeable or even worse, blinded by the love for the house.

Should New Homes or Renovations to an Existing Home be Inspected?

Yes, the home may be brand new but that doesn’t mean problems will not be found. The repair contractor may not know how to make the renovations or repairs properly or took short cuts because the job was bid too low.

A Homeowner Who Declined to get a Home Inspection

One home owner who purchased her home in the winter declined to get a home inspection and a swimming pool inspection. Note: Home inspectors typically do not inspect swimming pools so anticipate paying extra fee to have the pool inspected by a swimming pool contractor.

After signing the loan papers, the pool liner was later discovered to be damaged beyond repair when the buyer removed the pool cover after moving into the house.

She was unexpectedly and personally out thousands of dollars to replace the pool liner because she had already accepted the property and closed the deal on the house.

Buyer Beware Is a True Statement When Home Buying


Examples of Problems Found in Existing Homes Can Be...

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