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Examples of Problems Found in Existing Homes Can Be Very Expensive

  • The air conditioning unit was found to be twenty years old and never maintained properly. The heat exchanger in the unit was rusted out and needed immediate replacement. This issue alone could have cost the new buyer thousands of dollars.
  • A visual inspection of the crawl space under the house revealed rotten wood due to a water leak.
  • The home owner in an effort to reduce their roofing cost put new shingles over three layers of existing shingles. The weight of so many layers of shingles may warp the rafters over time and shorten the life of the new shingles.
  • An inspection of the main electrical panel revealed wires had overheated in the past due to the wrong size of wire being used for the different circuits.
  • The cracks in the wall above the doors led to the discovery of a foundation problem.

Examples of Problems Found in New Homes

  • A visual inspection of the attic revealed nail holes left in the roof decking and the new shingles by the roofing company.
  • The insulation in the attic was found to be installed improperly creating a vapor barrier problem. Other areas of the attic were found not to have enough insulation installed to the proper thickness for energy conservation.
  • High wind straps used to properly secure the roof section to the wall systems were not installed correctly and found to be missing in many areas.
  • The air conditioning system arrived broke from the manufacturer.

Examples of Problems Found in Homes Renovated or Repaired After a Contractor Stated the Work was Completed

  • Contractor hired to replace the wood floor and the linoleum floor covering in a bathroom only installed the linoleum covering. The rotten floor was left in place with the bathtub being supported by a 4x4 wood post wedged in between the ground under the house and the underside of the bathtub.
  • Contractor hired to replace the bad sections of the roof decking planks and install new shingles failed to repair the bad sections of the roof decking planks. The new shingles were placed over the existing holes in the roof.

How important do you now think a home inspection is in the process of buying or renovating a home?

If you are a smart consumer and we know you are, you will choose to hire a home inspector to look out for your financial interest.


Several Points to Consider When Hiring a Home Inspector

  1. Hire a licensed and insured home inspector that is certified by American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) or other similar certification organizations. Keep in mind most home inspectors are generalists who at times may have to refer you to structural engineers or other types of specialists if major problems are detected. It would be very expensive to hire specialists to inspect each component of a house.
  2. Be cautious when using a home inspector recommended by your real estate agent. Most real estate agents prefer to use inspectors that have not killed their deals in the past by finding problems that made a buyer walk away. Have the agent recommend two additional home inspectors with one of them having the reputation of being a deal killer. You want that type of inspector looking out for your financial interests and there should be no question the inspector works for you and only for you. After all, you are the one paying for the service.
  3. Keep in mind the seller and the seller’s real estate agent will sometimes put language in the contract or it may be standard language printed in their contract form stating they have the right to approve the person or company being used to do the home inspection. Being adamant about using who you prefer will be a decision for you to make if the issue is going to kill your dreams of buying the house. If you agree to using someone different, don’t back off from requiring the home inspector be licensed, insured and certified by an organization like ASHI. If you do, you may be very sorry someday when you go to sell a home with major problems discovered by the next home inspector working for the new buyer.

Man-In-A-Hurry.com knows home buying can be a stressful time, but with diligence and determination by you to protect your financial investment, you will enjoy your castle for years to come.

Home inspections are too important to bypass this needed tool to help protect you.

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