Golf – Get Addicted Today




I’ll never forget my first game of golf! The feeling of being a pro from practicing on the driving range for several months quickly evaporated. I was given the honor at the tee which made me extremely nervous being chosen to be the lead out player in our group of four players.

My buddies started laughing as they watched me slice the ball that quickly disappeared into the bank of trees along the right side of the fairway. The laughing continued as I went to retrieve the ball. Even BigFoot was laughing at me from his view in the woods. I started to feel a little better about being the worst golfer ever while searching for my ball when I saw the section of woods littered with abandoned balls.

Fortunately, I use personalized logo golf balls which made it easier to find my ball among the many left in the woods. Deciding I’d probably knock myself out if I ricocheted the ball off a tree, I prepared for further ribbing from my buddies as I walked out of the woods and headed back to re-tee.

Determined to ignore their howling and my one stroke penalty, I made the comment that I saw some of their balls in the woods from their previous bad slices. I’ve never heard so many denials in my life.

Laughing at my comeback to their good natured kidding, I focused hard and maybe focused too hard on my swing as the laughter from my buddies became hysterical as I found myself on the ground after whiffing the ball. Even I had to laugh at my bad start as a true addicted golfer.

My game gradually improved that day if you ignore the fact that I hit into several hazards, went out of bounds several times that day and even hit the water. I had more penalties than I had room for on the scorecard.

Did I Love the Game of Golf Even After Making a Fool of Myself?

Yes, there was something about competing to beat the course and my buddies that quickly became addicting. I found myself wishing the week away just to get back out on the course to enjoy being outside and the camaraderie felt playing the game with my friends.

It seemed I read just about everything out there about how to improve my game. My game improved from the knowledge found by what other golfers have learned and shared by writing training books. My game improved even more when I discovered I was leaving out two important elements of the game, biomechanics of golf and golf stretches for the back

Am I the best player out there now? No, I have my games where everybody around me should be wearing helmets but I think it has more to do with me liking a cold beer one too many times.

If You Are New or Want to Start Playing Golf recommends the following to get you out there enjoying the game:

•Check out our Terms Used in the Game page to become familiar with terms and basic rules.

•Study the “How to Books” to master the highly addictive game. All sports require doing your homework; golf is not an exception to the rule. Don’t make the costly mistake of buying your equipment until you have become educated on selecting the proper type

•Understand and implement the stretch exercises for the back element as part of your game

•Understand and implement the biomechanics techniques element as part of your game

•Did we mention practice… practice… practice? If you get off the sidelines and start playing; you’ll get plenty of practice.

Don’t worry about not being good! The woods and bunkers are full of balls from good players. We all have our bad games including the professionals.

The only difference between you and active golfers is they chose to get started playing the game. They went through their learning curve which consisted of doing their homework; getting laughed at for their momentous slices and dusted their pants off after their share of hilarious Whiffing experiences.

See you on the course and we promise not to laugh. Okay, we lied about not laughing.