Are Golf Stretches for Back and Conditioning Important?


Golf stretches for back which is part of the overall body conditioning required and biomechanics of golf are the two areas least discussed on the majority of golfing websites.

They are actually the two most important elements of the game in respect to keeping you healthy on the golf courses for years to come. Get the edge over your buddies who ignore or discount these vital elements that will help you become an above average golfer.

Many golfers fail to look at golf as a sport that requires conditioning to be at the top of your game with the chances of being injured minimized.

All sports including golf require conditioning and mastering of the biomechanics to be good and maybe even great at the sport. Implementing golf stretches for back before playing will enhance your game according to studies.

As mentioned on’s biomechanics of golf page; the best golf clubs, newest gadgets or training tapes alone will not allow you to be at the top of your game without understanding and utilizing these two important elements.

We hope the information provided will help improve your game and be on the golf course time after time without having to cancel on your weekly foursome game with your buddies because of preventable injuries. 

Now, if you want to just drink your beer, be more prone to injury and continue to have the worst score among your buddies, you can skip this section and check out the other areas to find what you need. Well, we at want to drink our beer, keep improving our game and try to stay injury free so we can come back next week.

Can You Really Get Hurt Playing Golf?

Most people do not think about golf being a sport associated with injuries. However studies reveal wrist, back, muscle, elbow, knee and shoulder injuries were the most common injuries to impact a player's game.

What are the most common injuries for the different groups of golfers playing the sport?

Studies reveal male amateur golfers commonly sustain back and elbow injuries while the male golf professional experiences lower back and wrist injuries, respectively.

Let’s not forget the women who love the game too! You may enjoy a game with your wife or girlfriend. Female amateur golfers typically injure their elbow followed by lower back injuries while female professional golfers are more likely to suffer injuries to the wrist and lower back, respectively.

What were the most common contributing factors associated with the injuries as reported by the studies?

Poor Conditioning including no golf stretches for back, improper swing mechanics, and overuse were the main factors.

A thorough understanding of the biomechanics of the golf swing is helpful in diagnosing and managing these injuries. Studies also show a warm up golf stretches program designed for golfers not only helps reduce injuries; it also helps improve a golfer's performance significantly compared to a golfer’s performance who did not perform the warm up techniques.

Hopefully, you now agree that golf stretches and biomechanics of golf are actually the two most important factors needed to become a great golfer as well as a golfer dedicated to minimizing the chances of sustaining personal injuries that can put you out of the game permanently.

After utilizing the golf stretches for back along with overall conditioning information and mastering the biomechanics of golf ; drink a beer for us as you wait for your buddies to catch up with you on the golf course.

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