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Kicker Kraw

Kicker Kraw

I know everyone is sitting at home while it has been cold, but not me...If there is a fish biting, I am going to be there.

Even with the cold spell, we have had the Fish still eat every day.

The attached picture shows you two of the baits that I am fishing on along with a football head jig made by Linestretchers at

The baits called Kicker Kraw that I have been using are made by Kicker Fish Bait Co at

The baits come in 4.25 and 3.25 sizes. The body is solid for strength and with the ribs it makes for some great Vibration. The body wings will eliminate line twist. The tentacles provide added movement and the Klaws will attract Bass from a distance.

They come in a eight pack and a wide range of popular colors.

I went to a lake about twenty minutes from the house and within 1 hour I had Eight bass landed that any tournament fisherman would be proud to take to the scales.

Fish the bait slow and stay in contact with the bottom, some of the fish hit the Kicker Kraw on the way down. They also can be used behind your SpinnerBait and BuzzBait as trailors.

Keep the Hooks Wet and let me know if the tips I pass on are working.

Stephen Mcgoldrick