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Freshwater Fishing


Do the Lunar and Solar Weather along with Wildlife Charts Scream It's Time?

freshwater fishing bassWith freshwater fishing fever, I check the Weather and Wildlife charts to see if it’s the perfect time to try again to catch the Bass Hog that has been eluding me every year. This year is going to be different since I’ve made the decision to join the ranks of anglers landing a big one.

Maybe, thinking to myself, the state record and my picture in the paper is just one cast away

Back from day dreaming and wishing, I turn my attention back to the computer screen. The fishing chart indicates the lunar phases over the next few days are aligned for increased game fish feeding activity.

The sun will start releasing its solar energy at 5:53 AM to signal the start of the daily activity pattern for freshwater fish who feed during the day as well as at night. The chart even gives you the specific hours of the day when feeding should be more active than other times of day.

You Want to Land the Big One? You Have Some Homework to Do

Taking the time to obtain and use the good information located in the Freshwater Fishing Book Cove, I have learned weather fronts affect fishing even when the chart indicates fishing will be good.

Understanding the chart is based on fair days, I see a cold front is expected on the 3rd day of the peak lunar period.

Knowing the potential for increased feeding activity is greater before and after a cold front, tomorrow is the day to continue my hunt for the trophy fish.

Stopping long enough to grab a cup of coffee because I know the data about lunar phases, solar energy and weather data are only one part of the puzzle to join the ranks of freshwater trophy anglers, I move to the next part of the preparations. It’s time to decide where to go and what type of freshwater fishing will be in my plan of action.



A quick on line check of my favorite lake shows the water temperature is 70 degrees. Deciding to do some late springtime fishing closer to home narrows my still plentiful choice to warm water species that include large mouth bass, small mouth bass, crappie, walleye, perch, bream and catfish.

I really need to plan a mancation with my buddies in the very near future to go battle some cold water fish such as trout, grayling, brook trout, brown trout, lake trout (togue), landlocked salmon, splake, rainbow trout, artic charr, cusk, rainbow smelt, lake whitefish, round whitefish and alewife.

There is no telling what fun we might get into getting together. My buddies still talk about what went on during our last Caribbean fishing mancation

Sierra Trading Post
This year, I am serious about getting my share of all types of fish including the hogs. No more stopping at Bob’s Fish House on the way home to keep the wife from complaining I spend too much money on catching nothing to brag about on my past fishing trips.


Opening "My Documents" on the computer, I find and open the Ebook I purchased to brush up on the warm freshwater fishing tips listed to land the Big One this year. Small mouth bass should be heading towards shallow water I discover in the Ebook since the temperature of the water is increasing. I make a note to check my tackle box for some crankbaits since the fish are in shallow water.


My mouth waters as I look up at my empty wall when I read the largemouth bass can be found in the backs of creeks flowing into the lake or along the rocky shore lines or lingering at the points and drop offs.

Making another note to check my tackle box to make sure I have a good supply of topwater baits and spinner baits for my early morning freshwater fishing; I remember to add crankbait to my must have list for the rocky shore lines and for the numerous points and dropoffs that I plan on checking out around noon.


Dang, I almost forgot to add Texas and Carolina rigged worms or grubs to test the cover and structures near deeper waters.

fresh water fishing - large mouth bass




 Freshwater Fishing Tips, Weather and Tackle

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