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freshwater fishing - bluegill brimFreshwater Fishing Tips, Weather and Tackle

Bluegill fish, ready to hit crickets and red wigglers from their hiding places around trees and brush in shallow water, will hit small spinners as well.

A lot of anglers dismiss bluegills as not giving them enough fight and decide not to take the time to fish for them.

Bluegill, a member of the sunfish family, are good to eat and absorb less chemicals due to their diet mainly of bugs, flies, other insects that make the mistake of getting too close and like other fish they love worms.

The info on walleye catches my attention because I need to add grubs to my list because windy conditions are forecast for mid day.

If that happens, I’ll fish shallow with crankbaits and grubs. According to my freshwater tip file, I’ll be able to find them 12 to 20 feet deep under calm conditions while trolling.

I am serious about catching a hog of some kind this year.

What have I left out of my presentation to be ready for hooking the hog tomorrow?

freshwater fishing crappieI’ve got my lake navigational map so I can quickly find the deep or shallow depths of the lake and the creeks feeding into the lake to save me time. The map will come in handy to mark hot spots if I get that lucky. I mean when I catch the bass hog tomorrow.

Decide which rods and reels to take on my freshwater fishing trip?

My ultra light rod with my spincasting reel loaded with 12 lb monofilament line will be great for the bluegill and crappie.

The new medium action rod with my spinning reel loaded with abrasion resistant line will work great for longer casting range towards the rock structures.

My medium-heavy rod attached to a workhorse baitcasting reel loaded with 24lb super line is going to pull my bass hog out of those thick weeds when I set the hook.

For the fun of it, I’m going to take one of my fiberglass poles and use 24lb super line to hook a few catfish.

Check tackle box for freshwater fishing artificial bait then decide on what kind of live bait to buy in the morning.

Need to verify all of the safety required equipment is on the boat and operational.


Need to Double-Check Fishing Regulations

check the weather forecast  Check local weather forecast again in the morning

Looking at the new boats for an hour or so starting right now on line won’t put me behind too much. I'd love a new boat but I got lucky and found the boat parts needed to baby her for another year or so.


Sierra Trading Post
Update About The Day at the Lake Freshwater Fishing: The fish from Captain D’s was good and I forgot to put the plug into the boat. Let’s just say it was a wet day, the other fisherman had a good laugh and my wife is still giving me that look when I mention getting a new boat.


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