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Which One? Free Internet Dating Sites or Fee Dating Sites



New free internet dating sites seem to be popping up everyday on the internet.

Are they worth checking out and posting your profile?

Yes, all advertising of yourself helps you attain your goal of feeling her soft warm body against yours. That is what it is all about when it comes right down to it.

Okay, all the other things like enjoying mutual things together and sharing common visions of life are important too. Don’t forget to mention these uh… important things if you want to get to the stage of actually feeling her warm body.

Do leave out the facts that you stay on the golf course all the time, disappear for days at a time during the hunting season or go fishing more than you go to work.

free internet dating sitesAre Free Internet Dating Sites Better Than Fee Paid Dating Sites?

It depends on how much time you have on your hands to search through millions of ads and don’t mind personally eliminating the ones who are not actually serious about a long term relationship or worse…actually not compatible with you. 

By the way, what is your compatibility personality?

If you don’t know, you could be eliminating a lot of women with possibly one of them being your real soul mate that you are letting get away. You could also be eliminating a woman that could be your worst nightmare!



Many fee paid sites allow you take a free compatibility personality test. You might be surprised at what type of woman you'd actually be compatible with as a partner.

Knowing who to look for as a soul mate may reduce the time required to feel her warm body next to yours.

Free Internet Dating Sites:

With life moving fast and no time to be unhappy because of not having a woman or maybe you’re ready to kick the one you have to the curb, the free internet dating sites allow men “to keep the money in their pocket” as they search for the right woman.

However, joining fee based personal dating sites put you in touch with the women who are the most serious about wanting a man in their life.

Can the free internet dating sites possibly work for you?

Sure they can, but why limit the most important hunt of your life…finding the woman you wake up thinking about each morning.

The woman you want in your life is out there just waiting to know you exist.

Millions of women are taking their chances on finding love by using the free internet dating sites. While they hope to find someone, they may not be as serious about finding a true and compatible love as the women who join fee paid dating sites. Free internet dating sites allow you to do more window shopping than you probably have time for in a day.

Get to posting to let those ladies know you are available and you have a lot of love to give.

Man-In-A-Hurry.com for your convenience created a list of free internet dating site links located at the bottom of the page 2.

While some women are in love with the money; the majority of women are looking for a trustworthy man to love them, a man who will listen to them, a man to hold their hand and be their best friend.

Hey, that sounds likes you but they won’t know unless they know you exist.


For the men who don’t have much time and would rather focus on women who show they are truly serious by taking the time to join a fee paid dating service to get a quality man like you; fee paid dating services like the ones shown in the banners on our page may be the answer to solving those lonely nights.

Fee Paid Dating Sites:

Millions more women choose fee paid dating sites that offer in depth compatibility tests, portrait tool kits and better screening of members.

Typical female members of fee paid dating sites use the services to feel safer, find better matched candidates for marriage and to reduce their search time to find their soul mate because they are not playing around and their biological clock is ticking. They also know that a man who is paying a fee to be a member is serious about finding someone to love.

A good example of a focused search is Single Parent Love Life. By using this service, there is no more wasted time of wondering or asking if you being a single parent will be an issue in a relationship.

Another good example is eharmony.com.

Their dating service is geared towards serious, mature-minded singles that are looking for a long-term relationship. Eharmony.com is especially successful with adult singles between the ages of 30 and 55.

By the age of thirty, people are tired of games and want a good harmonious relationship without a lot of drama.

Mostly, they want a person who is truly compatible with them.




What? Too Shy and Scared to Try?

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