Fishing is an Excellent Means of Relaxation


Join millions of people who enjoy a great natural stress reliever. Fishing is a great sport where the people are the friendliest group on the planet.

Whether putting a pole in the water from the bank, standing on a pier or casting from a boat, there are good times to be had trying to land the big one. Being out in nature is an extra bonus and does wonders in rejuvenating a Man-In-A-Hurry. Everybody needs to slow down sometimes including you.

The relaxing sport can be enjoyed by yourself, with family or with a group of friends. Even better, plan a fishing mancation with your male friends to escape the daily grind. Experience watching the sun rise over the water, the animals coming to life in the woods surrounding the lake and the birds taking to the air looking for their first meal of the day.

Patience is a must even for the most hurried man. Pull back on the rod or pole too soon and you won't be landing the big one for dinner. Pull back on the rod or pole too late and the fish will be laughing at you as it swims off with your bait.


Let's Get The Lead Out!

Before we move on to information about regulations, tackle, tips, and equipment,there is a Serious Health Hazard taking place everyday in our lakes and streams. Man-In-A-Hurry feels the danger to our food chain and our children is important enough to mention here.

Let's get The Lead Out - Protect The Swans Let's Get The Lead Out time has come for anglers to stop using lead in their tackle. As anglers who love our time outdoors trying to catch the monster fish, none of us want to be contributing to the unintentional poisoning of our birds or other mammals by using small lead sinkers, small lead jigs and other small lead tackle.

Now, let's get back to what we want to protect for generations to come. Great Fishing!

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Want to take on the monster fighters in the deep sea? Dreaming about landing that trophy bass?

More information can be found on our Freshwater and Saltwater fishing pages.


Freshwater Fishing - Bass, Crappie, Walleye, Brim, Catfishing

Saltwater Fishing


Visit our Freshwater Fishing Book Cove and our Saltwater Fishing Book Galley to find information sources about fishing techniques, proper trolling techniques and even how to make your own lures or rods.



Don't Forget the Regulations

Did you know coastal states typically have two different sets of regulations to regulate freshwater and saltwater anglers? Did you know there are federal regulations in addition to state regulations for saltwater fishing?

How far out in the oceans do states have jurisdiction? Most coastal states govern regulations from the shore to 3 miles out, except in Texas and Florida where the range extends out 9 miles from the shore.

If you are fishing on a pier without needing a license, will you get a ticket if you exit the pier and pull your trophy to the shore? Yes, they would love to give you a ticket for making this mistake.

Why is it important to know the regulations inside and out? Game wardens just laugh when you say "I Didn't Know". The fines are hefty, a tremendous amount of time can be lost in court and you can possibly lose your fishing tackle including your boat and vehicle for breaking the rules.

Man-In-A-Hurry created a page for you listing the fishing-regulation links for all 50 U.S. States and Canada by province


Man-In-A-Hurry Encourages You to Stay Safe and Stay Legal


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