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A source of quick links to find people in the Military, Prison, or the National Death Index.

Locate ATM Machines, WI-Fi Access, U.S. Government Sites and Health Information sites like Eldercare Help Programs.

You might just find something that can help you solve a problem.


Find It Yourself by following the quick links below or use the Google Search Box if you don't see it here.

Man-In-A-Hurry will be adding more links in the future. 

People Finder Services: While most of the links listed below offer basic free searches, Man-In-A-Hurry wants you to be aware that more detailed searches may actually cost you a fee at some of these sites.

Free People Finder Websites: 
Search the 52 Million users at MySpace 
Find People in the Military 
Find Vietnam Veterans Looking For You 
Find Out Who Lives at That Address-1 
Find Out Who Lives at That Address-2 
Find Out Whose Phone Number is Calling 
Find Inmates, Military Personnel, and Death Index 
Search Blogs to Find People 

People Finder Services That Charge a Fee: 

Health Related Sites:

Find Eldercare Help Programs 
Health Information Locator 
Health Insurance Quote Locator 
Medical Equipment Locator 
Substance Abuse Help Locator 
Mental Health Help Locator 
Respite-Temporary Help for a Loved One 

Federal Government Information Websites:

USA Government Publication Catalogs 
Locate USA Government Services Near You 
Search USA Goverment Websites, Images, News, 
USA Service Locator: Career One Stop/Job Bank 

Internet Information Sites (Search Engines) 
Search Internet Archives 
Search 10,000 Libraries Linked Together On line 
Wikipedia - The Free On Line Encyclopedia - an organization dedicated to providing senior living assistance to the elderly

Wi-Fi Access Signal Locators

Wi-Fi JiWire Access Locator 
Wi-Fi Access Locator: The Hot Spot Haven 
WiFi Public Access Locator - WiFinder 
Wi-Fi Access Signal Locater - Wi-FiZone 

ATM Machine Locator:

Bank of America ATM Locator
Chase ATM Locator
Star ATM Locator
Visa ATM Locator - United States
Visa ATM Locator - Global
Wachovia ATM Locator

Equipment / Material Websites:

Aerospace, Marine and Defense Spare Parts
Buy or Sell - Farm, Heavy, Material Handling, Grounds Care, and Forestry Equipment
Metal Equipment Locator
New and Used Equipment-Balers, Forklifts and More
Wood Locator

Real Estate Information:

Mobile Home Finder - Used, Repo, Rent to Own
Check Real Estate Values for the Competitive Edge
Find Millionaire, celebrity, Overseas and Investment Homes For Sale

Other Sites of Interest:

Comic Shop Locator
Yacht Locator
Inventor Information
Old Car Locator
Career Guidance Links
Find a Lawyer