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Deer Whistle Systems Help Reduce Deer Encounters


deer whistle - deer in front of carDeer Whistle Systems and up close deer encounters were something that never crossed my mind until I moved to a small unincorporated area of Mississippi. 

It was great to finally get out of the city or so I thought.

It was cool the first time I saw a deer standing in a field as I was driving through the country side during the day time on my way to the city.

My enjoyment of seeing the deer was short lived however as my drives into the city quickly turned into white knuckle stress driving especially at night but the day time was just as bad at times.

I was about to learn first hand about the up close and intense encounters involving deers and vehicles.

The first deer encounter was on a peaceful morning around 9:00 AM as I was driving down a small country road still half asleep and paying more attention to the radio tuner and the cup of coffee in my hand.

Reasons For Vehicle / Deer CollisionsOut of the corner of my left eye; low hanging tree branches on the left side of the road savagely thrashing about on a windless morning caught my attention.

The movement had my full attention in about two seconds when a big deer bolted through the tree branches at a high rate of speed, jumped the small ditch and headed straight toward my vehicle that was cruising at 50 miles per hour.

The deer’s projected path had the still running deer crashing head first into the driver’s door.

Seeing the deer was not going to stop, I punched the gas and swerved the car to the right while trying to keep from spilling my coffee and staying out of the ditch at the same time.

I thought I had made it until I heard BAM! I had my first deer accident.

The noise from the impact that came from the area of the left corner panel was loud and sounded like maximum damage. I caught the image of the deer landing on the road through the driver’s door side mirror.

Deer Avoidance System For MotorcycleI’m thinking deer accidents actually do happen as I hit the brakes.

My mind was racing as I watched the still motionless deer from the mirror. How in the heck was I going to get that big deer out of the road? Did I need to call the wildlife cops? How much damage was there to my car?

Opening the door of my vehicle, I slowly climbed out of my car while keeping a cautious eye on the deer.

Holding my breath, I expected to find major damage to my car but to my relief I saw the deer had crashed into the wheel. You could see the imprint of the deer’s head on the rubber sidewall.

Happy to see my car escaped damage, I turned my attention back to the deer laying a few feet behind the car. I walked back to the deer and contemplated my next move while looking down at the dead deer.

I almost crapped my pants when the deer all of a sudden leaped to its feet then shook its head from side to side while looking at me quickly backing away.

The deer having regained its footing raced into the woods to my relief. My first deer accident turned out good for both us.

Electronic Deer Whistle SystemI learned quickly that I should have bought an electronic deer whistle system sooner.

The next encounter with a deer hitting my car was two days later on a different road where I was driving about 60 miles per hour. I approached a curve in the road which connected to a small bridge.

Just as I was about to cross the bridge, seven deer came running up the embankment next to the bridge railing and proceeded to cross the road. I hit my brakes hard which allowed the lead deer to escape unharmed.


The six remaining deer... 
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