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Fortunately the six remaining deer were far enough behind the lead buck that I was able to get through without hurting any of the deer except for one who barely hit the right rear side of vehicle. The hit deer kept running and no damage was found to my vehicle.

 deer whistle for school busDeer encounters are waiting to happen in areas of deer overpopulation which can be found in many parts of the United States.

After those two close calls, I really started watching the country side closer. I found myself spending more time scanning the woods and fields along the road than actually watching the road.

Spending time on line researching deer accidents; I learned deer encounters are on the increase and electronic deer whistle systems are the best device to help reduce the chances of being involved in a deer accident.

I know, first hand, intense deer encounters happen in seconds and I mean seconds.

Putting off my decision to purchase a deer whistle system; I kept hoping for the best as I drove with my knuckles white from holding the steering wheel tighter during the day and even tighter at night.

I started noticing the large amount of deer in the fields and in the woods adjacent to the roads especially at night.

Those really are eyes staring back at you when the headlights of your vehicle illuminate them as you go down the road.

Deer at NightThe biggest surprise to me was the amount of deer you would start seeing around midnight. I would see the deer casually stand in people's yards eating the plants in the crop gardens and flower gardens.

They were also eating the leaves on the trees especially the small young trees.

There were so many out in the yards and running across the roads that I am reminded of large rats scurrying about everywhere.

My third encounter with a deer was lucky for me and the single deer, a big buck.

One night around 1:00 AM I found myself, who by the way now drives slower on country roads, having to stop quickly to avoid hitting a large buck who was just standing in the curve of the road.

He even had the audacity to just stand there and look at me until I blew the horn.

Finally, I decided it was time to buy a deer whistle system.

Deer Avoidance Systems Man-In-A-Hurry.com recommends people seriously think about installing an electronic deer whistle system to help reduce the chances of hitting a member of the deer population that is increasing at an alarming rate.

An estimated one million deer / car  encounters are projected to take place annually with many of them fatal for both the deer and the humans.

Just this past week while traveling down a Texas highway at night, we saw 2 herds of deer running away from the highway.   


Deer Car Collisions

Insurance Protection Coverage For Deer Encounters

Double Check your vehicle insurance  policy to make sure a collision with a deer is covered.

There have been cases where the surprisingly thousands of dollars of damage from hitting a deer was not covered.

Also check to see if your insurance company will give you a discount for installing a deer whistle system.

Use defensive driving techniques to avoid or minimize the chance of a deer accident happening to you especially during these known locations and increased deer activity periods. Note: It can happen anytime and not just during these periods listed below!

• Driving on roads adjacent to forests and fields

• Driving during the October and November breeding season

• Traveling during dawn, mid-morning, dusk and evening hours

Deer Avoidance System For MotorcycleBetter yet, install a deer whistle system on your car or motorcycle to help reduce the chances of hitting the big buck standing in the middle of the road.

I've been lucky at this point in my on going efforts to keep from colliding with a deer or a herd of deer again anytime soon.

The deer will and do run out in front of you and into the side of your car in a heartbeat.

Derr Whistle Systems For Cars and TrucksBuy and install a deer whistle system to help you increases the chances of avoiding deer gone wild.

Deer whistle systems are also available for trucks, buses, semi-trucks and buses.


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