Crappie Candle

A New Product Has Hit The Lakes


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Crappi Candle

Hey all you fishing folks.

I spend my time either fishing or looking for new ways to catch them. I am out to change the wording from Fishing to Catching.

I attended a fishing show this past weekend and have found a great new product called the Crappie Candle that has just hit the lakes.

Developed as Bait/Lure Illuminator, the Crappie Candle is manufactured by 4bear specialty Lighting.

The website is

The design consists of a small water proof tube that attaches to your main line and goes down with your bait or lure.

It has a small battery (A23) that will last 14 plus hours.

Make sure you ask for a battery card, because I made the mistake of looking at Walmart and paid $7.50 for the battery and only got one. They sell them on a card that has five for I Think $2.00.

Make a leader of your desired length from line that is smaller diameter from the main line. Tie the leader to the main line using a swivel.

This will act as a stop for the light and the lighter line should break before the main line when hang up occurs thus saving the light from being lost.

Everyone catches fish at night on a pier with a light hanging over the side, and now you can catch bigger fish that do not come up to the surface.

This light can also be used during the day in lakes that are not clear. If you look six to eight feet down below the surface, it is dark.

This light has been tested to 110 feet and has a life time warranty.

Don't just think crappie! It is also great for Bass and Catfish.

Contact Garland Jones in Texas and tell him Steve said that you had to have a crappie candle and see ifyou don't double the amount of fish you catch, and how many more bigger fish you catch.

That is what I have found using the Crappi Candle.

Keep searching and keep the hooks wet.

Steve Mcgoldrick