Catch Two to Three Fish at the Same Time Using Strike King Zulu Soft Jerk Bait


catch two to three bass at the same time zulu strike king

Catching Two Bass With One Cast Using Striker King Zulu Rig

I have been using Strike King 3X Soft Jerk Bait called a Zulu but with a twist to add to the fun.

Putting three on the same line about 18 inches apart with a 4 or 5 wide gap hook will give you a thrill and more excitement when more than one bass hit the jerk bait.

Fish the Zulu Jerk Bait on a fast tip rod to allow you to jerk the tip which makes the shad move in different directions like something is chasing them.

After casting my custom made triple Zulu jerk bait rig out at the end of a tree that I can see laying in the water and letting the baits sink below the surface, I will either jerk the baits or lift my rod up slowly. If I feel the least bit of pressure, I will set the hook but patiently wait for the next bass to strike

Do not horse the fish in due to the fact ninty percent of the time there is another Bass trying to get one of the other baits.

This is legal in a Tournament and I gave the idea to a guy the other day and he called me to let me know that he caught the biggest Bass of his life doing just what I told him to do.

Think about it!

You have never seen a bass going after just one shad. I know that this tip will work for you and it might even surprise you catching two or even three bass with just one cast like you see in the picture posted above.

One cast and two bass caught equal one great and fun time at the lake.

The only problem I can see is if you catch two eight pounders and one wants to go north and the other south.

Work it out and have fun with this tip.

Keep the hooks Wet!

Steve McGoldrick