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The big game hunting list in the United States is growing thanks to great efforts by wildlife management teams and hunters used as the best tool to keep the animal inventories in balance.

Where hunting for elk, bear or alligator didn’t exist ten years ago, now you see states are adding or have added them to their annual hunting harvest. 




Big game animals in the United States include: White-tailed deer, mule deer, moose, elk, caribou, bear, bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope, mountain goat, alligator, wild turkeys, bison, barasingha, musk oxen, dall sheep and wolf.



Are You Failing To Do This Between Seasons?

mountain lion big game hunting To increase the chances of putting meat in the freezer this year by staying fine tuned and ready, Man-In-A-Hurry recommends:

• Practice at a shooting range to hone your skill and most importantly to verify your favorite gun is still sighted for accuracy.

Always do the final sighting for accuracy after the gun has cooled off from the round of target shooting.

Next year, you will most likely fire at your trophy big game with a cold gun. That one shot may be all you get before you become the hunted.


coyote varmint hunting


• Participate in hunting for varmint game.

Many state regulations allow year round hunting for some varmint game such as feral hogs, coyotes, foxes, feral cats, groundhogs, prairie dogs and nutria.

• Decide now whether you will be hunting public land or private land to start scouting the terrain. What ground cover is downwind or upwind? Where are the best bedding areas? Where are the best feeding areas?

white tail buck deer• Know or learn the routine of the game you are harvesting.

Example: White tail deer usually have a home range that is considerably longer than wider with one end of the home range being wooded and secure for the bedding area and the other end of the range used as a night feeding area that is less secure and more out in the open.

Bucks during the rutting period will be more active during the day. They will be utilizing stream or river beds, gullies, fence rows, and wooded areas along the open fields for day travel to get back to their bedding areas.


bull moose big game hunting


Big game hunting can be more fruitful if you stay in practice, do your scouting homework and select the proper hunting gear.

Don't forget to brush up on your survival skills and carry survival gear like a small lightweight mini tent in case you run into problems like getting lost and the rain starts coming down.




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Get Out There and Help Cull The Herds While Putting Food On The Table 

Some churches even have members who hunt to help cull deer herds and donate the meat to feed the needy.

Plan a Hunting Mancation with your buddies.

Check out our Hunting Book Den to learn how to select the proper guns and obtain the correct techniques to have a successful trophy hunt.




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