Best Bass Lake in Heaven

By Steve McGoldrick


Best Bass Lake in Heaven

Bass Fishing

As everyone knows that I am a big fisherman and fish at every chance that comes along.

This all started when I was young and my Grandfather use to take me every summer.

Well it carried over until I grew up and I still fished every spare minute, Before work and after work up until dark.

Then came marriage and I still fished all the time. Then came the kids and I still was fishing every spare minute. My wife told me to either give up fishing or she was going to take the kids and go.

Well needless to say I still fish all the time, then came retirement from work and I thought that would give me more time to fish.

As years went on I looked in the mirror one day and saw "Hey" I have grown old not much time left to fish.

I went to my Church to ask the pastor if he was tight with the guy upstairs and if he could check and see if a Bass Lake was in Heaven.

The pastor said to check back with him at evening service and he might have an answer for me.

That night I attended service and had almost forgot about the question I had asked the pastor.

As I was walking down the stairs, the Pastor called out to me and said that he did some checking.

He had some good news and some bad news for me...The good news is there is the best Bass Lake in Heaven where I could catch double digits every cast and break the worlds' record every day...the bad news was I was due to blast off Friday at 6am.