Bass Fishing Spring Time Tip


bass fishing spring time tip - crawdad bait rig

Bass Fishing Crawdad Bait Rig

With Spring just around the corner, it is time to be thinking on ways to Jerk some lips.

Here is a tip that I have come up with:

Any type of tube bait will work, but I like to use the Crawdad, because Every fishing person knows the Spring time is when Bass like to feed on Crawdads.

Get a crawdad that has a hollow body like to ones Madman use to make and now I think it is Yum.

Insert the FIZ that can be found at based out of Texas into the hollow body of the crawdad. That is the website where I have found the Fiz.

The Fiz has garlic in it and will last up to four hours, and will let off bubbles.

That is where the earplug comes into play. Not only will it allow water in; it will also lift the bait up and make it stand up and wiggle.

I have had guys come up to me at seminars and tell me that they use a cotton ball soaked in their own garlic juice.

Soak the cotton ball in anything that work great for you. Once the fish bites and gets the taste in his/her mouth; you will be given a few extra seconds to set the hook.

Again here I am using a wide gap hook and if I am using a 3 inch bait I use a 3/0. You can rig this up Carolina or Texas style they both work great.

Four years ago, I fished Lake Fork for four days using the Crawdad white so I could see it and caught 269 bass.

If I am fishing Pick Wick Lake, I like using the watermelon seed or brown and orange.

This is another secret from my box and see if you don't land a big one.

Good Luck and keep the hooks wet.

Steve McGoldrick