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A Man's SiteMaybe you're wondering if the love of your life ranks as one of the biggest or maybe even the last mistake of your life.

You can check out the ways to find out in our spy gadgets section.

We're out to save you time, possibly some money and give you good information or links to information to help you make better informed decisions.

Some of the information will be fun stuff but Man-In-A-Hurry.com will always be on the lookout for the serious information that could help you save time and especially money.

We have even included a "Free Stuff" page to help keep money in your pocket.

What kind of information or links to information can you find at Man-In-A-Hurry.com?

Golf - Are you leaving out two important elements that are keeping you from walking away the winner of the weekly game? How you can play golf for free? Is being unfamiliar with the game and too embarassed to try keeping you off of the course which actually may be costing you a promotion or a lucrative business deal?

Fishing - Are You Filling Up The Cooler With Freshwater or Saltwater Fishing?

Hunting - What kind of vehicle can now be used as Hunting Vehicle? What is a mistake many hunters make each year?

Nascar - Tickets, Racing Schedules, Memorabilia Display Cases and More

Sports Megazone - Sports News, Tickets, and Equipment

Dating/Personals - Free Internet Dating Sites, Fee Internet Dating Sites, Single Parent Dating Site...Which one is the best for you?

Mancations - What is a Mancation? Check it out and create some great memories!

Free Stuff - Freebie information changes daily

Daily News Zone - We include serious, strange, humor or fun news for our visitors.

Spy Gadgets - GPS Tracking Systems, Video and Cell Phone Interceptors, Mini Cameras and More...Is She Cheating?

mortgage-personal-financePersonal finance - Did you know there is a program out there to help low and moderate income individuals rebuild their credit then help you buy a home with zero down and no closing cost? Research this option before signing the dotted line! It could save you thousands of dollars.

Home Repair - Using the wrong kind of Home Inspector and Real Estate Agent can hurt your wallet and is a "Big Mistake".

Lawn Care/Landscaping - Go Green with your lawn

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